Sunday, April 1, 2018

Difference between Nutrilite And Becadexamin

Difference between Nutrilite And Becadexamin


Introduction to Nutrilite And Becadexamin

dosto aaj hum baat karenge amway ka nutrilite and gsk ka becadexamine ke baare mai .dosto app kaise kam price thik chiz paa sakte hain iska ek prayas hai .


yeh hai amway ka nutrilite and yeh hai gsk ka multivitamin product . yadi hum price ka baat karen toh amway ka 120 tablet ka price 2229 rupess iska 60 tablet pack bhi ata hai .ishi taraha yadi hum becadexamine ka baat karen toh iska 30 capsule ka price 29 rupees hai .toh yahan par aap hisab laga sakte hain ki amway ka pertablet ka average price 18 ruppes hai .


aur yadi hum becadexamine ka baat karen iska per tablet average price 1 rupes hai .toh aap andaz laga sakte hain ki amway nutrilite ka 1 tablet ka price becadexamine 1 tablet sai 18 guna zyada hai .

Composition -

yadi hum composition ka baat karen toh nutrilite mai biotin ko chodkar saare composition same hi hai .

toh jaydi aap inh dono sai kisi ko bhi lete ho toh aapko same vitamin milega .

amway ek bahut bada brand hai jiske tahat iska price bhi jyada hai .

mai aapko ek example mai samjhata hun doctor ne aapko bola mik pine keliye aap market mai gaye direct packging milk kharida jiska price 35 rupees hai .

kyunki aapko lagta hai yeh pura pure hai .ushe bhi jyada acha milk local suppliers ka hai lekin wahan sai aap nahi kharide iska price 20 rupees hai kyunki aap ko darr rehta hai ki milawat toh na hua ho . itni kam daam mein kaise mil rehi hai .
aapko yadi generic medicine aur branded medicine ke bich ka difference nehi pata hai toh mai aapko ek video link decsription dedunga dekh lena .

toh mere hisab sai aapke pass jaydi jyada paisa hai toh nutrilite ko kharide aur ap jaydi ek minimum budget main rehe rahin hain toh aap becadexamin kharide toh jaydi aap inh dono sai kisi ko bhi lete ho toh aapko same vitamin milega .

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