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Odisha Kalia Yojana Details : Application Form, Documents,Loan Amount

Odisha Kalia Yojana Details : Application Form, Documents,Loan Amount

in this post we will discuss about the kalia scheme in odisha let us first understand them , so we have been discussing about various issues regarding the farm loan waivers and also issue regarding ms peace so government is trying hard to help the farmers out of the farmer distress or the agrarian distress and different government at the state level and also the union government is trying hard to come up with a lot of solutions in order to address the issue of rural  distress which is primarily  due to agricultural distress  and remember the union government has also  targeted to double double the farmers income by the year 2022 now in this context the odisha state government has come up with the alternative scheme  which is called the kalia scheme .


so kalia scheme in odisha serves as a better alternative to farm loan wavers which are being provided throughout the country in different states by different state government now let us understand what is the issue with agrarian crisis so there is rising farm distress or agrarian distress it is due to price volatility demand fluctuations output fluctuation and also market  fluctuation so all these factors have culminated into a farm distress in the rural economy and the agricultural economy itself hs collapsed or they are undergoing a distress situation and the state government are looking for alternative to provide reliefs to the farmers and many alternative like loan waivers  increasing the MSP providing income support so all these are done in different places in different states we have discussed about the right to bundle scheme in telegana so different   government are trying out their best in order to help the farmer out of this agrarian distress .

in this context odisha shows a very new way under the kalia scheme or the kalia program so we will discuss about the kalia program in details in this post .

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Any farmer wanting to get information on KALIA scheme can register for "KALIA Barta" by giving a missed call to the telephone number 08061174222 .

what is kalia scheme 

so if expand kalia it stands for Krushak Assistance for livelihood and income augmentation so this is kalia scheme and under the kalia scheme the odisha state government provides financial , livelihood and cultivation support .

supported by insurance facilities to small marginal and landless farmers . so the small marginal and landless farmers are the beneficiaries of the scheme .

within the state of odisha this particular scheme benefits around 92 percentage of the farmers in the state so a majority of the farmers are covered under the scheme .so we can say that this is inclusive scheme nobody is left out small , marginal and landless farmers are covered under the scheme and 92 percent of the total farmers  in the sate are coverd under the scheme and government has earmarked 10180 cr rupees for the plan next three years .

major features of this kalia scheme

there mainly five major features of this scheme the first one

Assistance for cultivation 

under the Kalia scheme the Odisha state government provides financial assistance of rupees  25000 per farm family and this is over the five seasons. so this 25000 per farm family will be provided for small and marginal farmers. so farmers can purchase inputs like seeds fertilizers pesticides they can cover the labor cost of the farm, they can also make investment small scale investments in the farm using this 25000 rupees. which is the government provide for a farm family for one year and this will be provided for three years so this Assistance for cultivation?

Assistance for livelihood

financial assistance of rupees 12500 is provided to each landless agricultural household for agricultural allied activities so the first one assistance for cultivation is provided to farmers who own the land but small and marginal farmers but here assistance is provided to  landless farmers because they don't have land in order to undertake cultivation government provides certain financial assistance in order to engage in some agricultural allied activities so financial assistance of 12500  provided to each agricultural household who does in own that land that is landless agricultural household to engage in some agricultural allied activities for example goat rearing mushroom cultivation bee keeping fishery kits for fisherman etc are provided under the scheme .

Assistance for vulnerable agriculture

so here the vulnerable household or agricultural household includes vulnerable cultivators for example old age , disable or cultivators having some disease  or any other vulnerability so here vulnerable agriculture  house holds plus landless agricultural labors under the assistance for vulnerable agricultural households so under this feature vulnerable cultivators and landless agricultural laborers are provided with the financial assistance of rupees 10000 per family per year .this is in order to enable them to take care of their sustenance .

Life insurance

this kalia scheme provides life insurance for cultivators and landless agricultural labors the life insurance cover up to 2 lakh rupees and the premium is rupees 330 and 30 out of which the government will bear 165 rupees and eligibility is that all savings bank account holders  of aged between 18 to 50 years are eligible for this life insurance and along with the life insurance there is also a provision for personal accident cover so this is also for amount  of rupees 2 lakh and the premium is here rupees 12 out of which rupees six will be bond by the government itself and here also the eligibility criteria is that all the savings bank account holders of aged 18 to 50 are eligible for this personal accident cover .

Interest free crop loan

the eligible category is vulnerable landless laborers cultivators agricultural family and this selection is based on identification is based on the gram panchayat. so here gram panchayat are also involved in identifying the eligible beneficiaries .so here we will see it is participatory in nature gram panchayat are the grass root level government they are also participated or they are also given an opportunity to participate in this also under  the interest free crop loan . crop loan up to 50000 will be provided to these categories of eligible farmers or cultivators with zero percent interest rate .

so these are five features of the kalia scheme in odisha .

now we will understand or compare with the loan waivers for the features of loan  waivers so compared to loan waivers the Kalia scheme helps in maintaining a repayment  discipline in the banking system so with regard to crop loan what happens the farmers believe that once today or tomorrow the loan will be waved off so there is no need for repayment so this will affect the repayment discipline the banking system of the country  so and even crop loans are waved off this will affect the banking system so Kalia scheme by providing direct support to the farmers will not effects the payment discipline in the banking system it will help in maintaining the repayment discipline .

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