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Full Core Java Tutorials By Durga Sir Notes Basic Java

Full Core Java Tutorials By Durga Sir Notes Basic Java


Fundamental Of Java

1- History Of Java 

2-Project Design architectures IN JAVA

3-MVC Architecture

4-Java Concepts

5-Introduction to core java Concepts

6-Java programming concepts

7-What is meant by user defined method, class and predefined method , class ?

8-Difference between Print() and Println() Methods ?

9-What is a data type ? What is the use of datatype ?

10-Why did you have 5 referencenced data types ?

11-Understand all points related to java data type in comparison with c language 

12-Instance Variables or ,Non Static Variable In Java

13-Types Of Variables

14-Static Variable In Java

15-Java Identifiers

16-Reserved Word in Java

17-Literals in Java

21-Syntax for getterMethod  and  setter Method 


22-Increment & Decrement operators 

23-Assignment Operators

24-Arithmetic Operators

28-Class and Object Operators 

Lots More  Coming Soon

Programs In Java

1-Java First Program

2-Add Two Number Program

3-Multiple Classes Program

4-Print and Println Programs

5-Print Even Numbers Between 1-100

7-Find Largest Number Between Two Numbers

8-Full Calculator Programs

9-Program to check whether input number is prime or not

10-Program to reverse a string

11-Java Program to find Sum of Natural Numbers

12-Reverse a number using while Loop

13-Program to check whether the given number is positive or negative

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